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From pedestal to counter top, iflo's basin range offers fantastic visual and functional flexibility. You never have to compromise on the styling of your bathroom - whether modern or traditional. For more advice on what basin you might need for your bathroom, just head down to your local Bathroom Showroom or Travis Perkins branch. 

The streamlined in-line basins represent a superb mix of modern and traditional design: deep, swooping, and set within a solid rectangle of polimarble. A sturdy choice for any bathroom. Alternatively, the semi-recessed basins can slot into your worktop, exposing its base for a more rustic and heritage style.  

Our oval countertops are pure statement objects - showcasing exquisite modern design while retaining complete functionality. With a high quality ceramic finish, they're a true designer addition for contemporary bathrooms. What's more, their unslotted build means they can be positioned to suit your perfect bathroom tap choice.  

Versatility is an essential requirement within any small bathroom, and thankfully our wall-hung and cloakroom basins provide just that. You can easily position them to suit your needs, providing your bathroom with simple elegance.