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easy living Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be a place where you feel completely comfortable in your surroundings. Whether you lean more towards classic and traditional tastes, or you prefer the contemporary edge of more modern designs, you can easily achieve a tranquil atmosphere.

Suites, showers, furniture, and all other fixtures and fittings have specific jobs to do. Ensuring that they perform to the needs of you and your family, is the first step in creating a bathroom that defines easy living and comfort. 

iflo's Easy Living bathroom designs brings all of this together for you. With a combination of thoughtful engineering, attention to detail, and smart design, the suites address how your bathroom is used in real life - with the purpose of making everything that bit easier for you. Wall-hung WC and basin units, for instance, feature sleek lines and concealed fittings that champion ease of use and speak to both modern and contemporary tastes. Ergonomically designed pans, sturdy builds, and the ability to hang the pan at a suitable height for you offers security and luxury. 

To further enhance your bathroom experience, thermostatic mixers allow you to easily control the flow and temperature of your shower, as well as automatic shutdown at the touch of a button. Soft close WC seats and cupboard doors maintain a soothing, noise-free bathroom environment, while anti-limescale shower heads and lifeshield glass protection improves bathroom cleaning efficiency, Ease of use isn't just limited to bathroom character and efficient use of space. 

Energy reduction can also play an integral role in achieving the perfect space to illustrate living comfortably. EVO baths come with increased heat retention for soothing longer soaks, and water-efficient dual flush toilets and eco-click water saving taps keep the bills down for further peace of mind. 

how to choose bathroom furniture for an easy living bathroom

When a home is designed to reflect how we use it everyday, your lifestyle can become that much simpler; this is especially true when choosing a new bathroom.

To find out more about building the perfect Easy Living bathroom space, head to your local Bathroom Showroom or Travis Perkins showroom and tap into expert support and advice.