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Design your bathroom

At iflo we believe that your bathroom needs to be planned to perfection to give you the desired results. 

Our showroom advisors will listen to your requirements and work with you to design your bathroom, even down to the tiles and accessories. We are able to provide you with 3D designs tailored to your bathroom size and style giving you realistic visuals of what your bathroom could look like.

Visit your local Bathroom Showroom or Travis Perkins branch today to tap into our experience and expertise. 

what's the difference between modern, contemporary, and traditional bathroom suites?

A beautiful, practical bathroom can take many forms. Part of the pleasure of bathroom improvement involves a discovery of different design styles, thinking about what they represent, and how they might enhance and define your home. 

choosing the right bathroom accessories for contemporary bathrooms

If you were to ask a group of interior designers to explain what a contemporary bathroom looks like, expect to be given a wonderful range of different ideas some of which will grab you more than others.