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choosing the right...

If you were to ask a group of interior designers to explain what a contemporary bathroom looks like, expect to be given a wonderful range of different ideas - some of which will grab you more than others. 

That's the beauty of a contemporary approach to renovating a bathroom: it's not about sticking rigidly to a rulebook, nor is it about adopting a look that happens to be in fashion this month. 

choosing bathroom accessories

When it comes to putting your individual stamp on the room and getting the look just right, carefully-chosen bathroom accessories can make all the difference.

choosing a bath screen

Your bath screen has an important job to provide a leak-free, splash-free, showering and bathing experience. Your bath screen can also enhance the visual impact of your bath, influencing the overall character of your bathroom.

choosing a boiler or pressurised system

 You will have preferences about the type of shower you want in your bathroom. A number of factors can affect  the performance of your shower how your shower and your water system will play a crucial role.

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